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Sirens & Bells

Safety and Security systems often require high sound output devices in order to alert people of situations in which they may be in danger. BeStar offers a large range of Sirens, Bells and Horns in order to meet the needs of Security System installation companies for Industrial Systems, Personal Alarms and Medical Alarms. These are mostly driven by a large high quality piezo element in which BeStar possesses special in house expertise. A variety of colors and mounting configurations solve application preferences. Multi-tone models and even traditional bells are available. BeStar produces a number of units under special proprietary contracts for customers who already have their own designs.

The security system industry has seen huge growth in recent years. Access Control almost always requires a weather resistant speaker for intercom functions. Various key systems require piezo buzzers or a piezo element and of course warning systems require alarms, or sounders.

Safety applications include facility evacuation, but also other system alerts such as text messages, automated calling, or personal alarms which feature the discrete vibration of a hand held, or wrist born device. Medical Alarms or Personal Alarms can communicate in a similar fashion. New systems can provide real time well being, location and vital signs status of combat soldiers in the field. Information and alerts can be received audibly or visually and whether it is a speaker, a buzzer, or integrated piezo element, BeStar can provide the appropriate solution for the audible portion. For additional information, several relevant BeStar Catalogs can be found under the Resources Tab.

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