HBU1002D-65/1195 – Back Electret Condenser Microphone Component

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Ø10.0mm back electret condenser microphone with typical S/N 71dB, Pi filtering circuit, phase control, 52.5mm UL3302 AWG#32 twisted wires and Molex 51021-0200 connector, RoHS compliant.

Microphone Requirements
Directivity Unidirectional
Sensitivity 0dB = 1V/Pa, 1kHz, rated voltage, RL = 15KΩ
-45 ± 3 dB
-45.0 ~ -42.0dB (A)
-48.0 ~ -45.0dB (B)
Phase 0dB = 1V/Pa, rated voltage, RL = 15KΩ
-10° ~ +10° (1KHz)
Rated Voltage 2V
Operating Voltage range 1 ~ 10V
Current Consumption <=0.11mA
Frequency Range 100 ~ 10KHz
Output Impedance 1.3K ± 30% Ω
S/N Ratio Typ. 71dB
Maximum Input SPL THD <3%
Sensitivity Variation Vs:2V to 1.5V
0° ~ 180°±20° at 1KHz
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +95°C
Storage Temperature Range -30°C to +100°C

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