Backup Alarms

The BeStar Back up Alarm is a safety device used in the Trucking, Construction and Materials Handling Industries in order to warn that a vehicle will be moving in the reverse mode. Using either loudspeaker or piezo buzzer technology they are loud sounders capable of alerting pedestrians in spite of significant ambient sound levels. For low ambient sound level, self adjusting alarms are also available. BeStar’s line of rugged Back up Alarms is the choice of many top companies in the Trucking, Materials Handling, Bus, Construction Equipment and Specialty Vehicle Industries. BeStar’s in house expertise in piezo buzzer technology has resulted in extremely robust and reliable commercial sounders with single digit ppm rates in spite of the demanding environment in which these units operate. Our fully sealed units are rated IP67, which means up to full immersion and suitable for pressure wash.

Our customers include major companies such as Bosch and Navistar for Trucking and the aftermarket. We also provide Back up Alarms to major construction industry customers and for School and Tourist Bus customers such as Mercedes EVO Bus. While the piezo buzzer is a standard in BeStar alarms, loudspeaker based units also provide for high SPL requirements such as SAE Standard Type A and B sounders. For customers providing a broad line of aftermarket equipment BeStar can also provide units, which feature your own special design and brand name.

Whether loudspeaker or piezo buzzer based, SAE norm categories; A, B and C are available with a variety of bracket and termination configurations and BeStar can adapt their basic units to your particular installation or interconnect requirements.