In common parlance a Buzzer is a signaling device that is not a loudspeaker. It can be mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic (a piezo transducer). BeStar produces Buzzers in every available configuration for a wide variety of applications. A Piezo transducer can produce the sound for panel mount buzzers, household goods, medical devices and even very loud sirens. When a lower frequency is required an electromagnetic buzzer can fill the need. These are very common in automotive chimes and higher end clinical diagnostic devices. The BeStar buzzer range includes self drive units with their own drive circuitry (indicators), or external drive units, which allow the designer the flexibility to create their own sound patterns.

BeStar buzzers, whether a piezo buzzer, or an electro-magnetic buzzer, self (indicator) or non-self (transducer) drive are available with a variety of mounting methods, such as surface mount, thru hole, flange, wire leads or panel mounting. Sealed, high temp, very loud, weather resistant; whatever your application requirement is, BeStar has a piezo buzzer that will meet your design criteria.

Browse our selection on the site and you can also browse several catalogs found under the Resources Tab: Electromagnetic, Surface Mount, Piezo Surface Mount, and Automotive. Typical piezoelectric buzzer frequencies range from 2000-4000Hz and an electromagnetic buzzer provides good sound output starting at 800Hz. Operating voltage range for self drive units is 3-28Vdc, units are available in 110 or 230Vac and for non-self drive units 1-60Vp-p.

BeStar buzzers achieve strong, clear sound pressure and reliable performance, that is why we have been chosen by important global companies like Whirlpool, Visteon, Bosch-Siemens, and Roche Diagnostics to name a few. Buzzers are a wide product area, so for convenience we have broken it up into four categories: Indicators, Transducers, Panel Mount Buzzers and Junction Box Buzzers. If you need application assistance, please contact a BeStar representative.