We Lead
Through Innovation

BeStar places great importance on research and development, keeping pace with international standards and synchronous development of proprietary products and processes. An integrated technological innovation process combining technical research, product development and trial production is managed at BeStar’s Corporate Technology Center.

BeStar uses the most advanced 3D modeling, Data Analysis, Information and Management Technology to shorten development cycles and to meet the ever-changing market demands. BeStar has developed proprietary products with intellectual property rights in fields such as: automotive, telecommunication, security systems, durable goods and medical devices. The products include everything from a tiny piezo buzzer to huge sub-woofers; indicators, loudspeakers, alarms, magnetic buzzers and sensors. Piezo-electric ceramic technology and micro-machining are core strategic competencies.

Driving Progress within the Industry

BeStar achieves world-class production standards in methods thanks to its continuous investment program in advanced production technology; BeStar employs precision and advanced electro acoustic manufacturing equipment in flexible production lines-from pilot to full series production.

BeStar Strives for Quality

BeStar continuously seeks perfection in quality. BeStar has obtained all customer required global quality system certifications such as ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, ISO13485 and ISO/TS16949. Production of excellent products is achieved by Employee Empowerment and Management Commitment to total quality systems.

It is our goal to integrate all organizational functions to focus on customer needs and how they translate into quality systems objectives. We seek to do the right things; right the first time and every time. We will see our products and processes through our customer’s eyes, use fact based decision making and strive for continuous improvement as measured by the yardstick of customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus is a necessity

BeStar is Certified by Global Customers

From our Corporate Technology Center in China, BeStar supports a comprehensive global customer service. From a base on the Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas it radiates to North America, Europe and the rest of Asia. With greater presence in global markets, the international brand awareness of “BeStar” is increasing each day.

Our valuable customers include many great companies such as:
Bosch, Siemens, Delphi Automotive, Visteon Corp., Valeo Interiors, Johnson Controls, Whirlpool, Roche Diagnostics, Navistar, Continental and most leading Electronic Contract Manufacturers such as Flextronics and Jabil Circuit. Many of these consider BeStar to be a strategic supplier and center of expertise for the Audio/Acoustic commodity.