Medical Device

The most typical and high volume application for BeStar products in this market are the piezo buzzers found on every in-home glucose tester. Magnetic Buzzers are the product of choice for the clinical versions of the same device. There are additionally a broad range of medical alarms, which require a variety of product solutions. For medical monitoring equipment a panel mount buzzer provides a convenient application solution and can run off of DC or AC power supply. Self Drive units allow for pulse or constant tone warnings and require only DC power and typically operate in a range from 6-28 VDC. For designers wishing to create their own tone patterns, non-self drive units are available. Voice instructions are also becoming more common in this area and BeStar speakers have been proven in every possible application scenario. Further demonstrating its commitment to the medical device industry BeStar announced that it will obtain certification for ISO 13485:2003, the quality standard for the medical device industry by Q1, 2011, thus making it the only acoustic components company to be so certified.