A Speaker or Loudspeaker typically offers a wider and flatter frequency response than a piezo, or electro-magnetic buzzer, which is why it is more suitable for applications requiring sound reproduction of music or voice.

Wherever you look today, you will find voice or music quality sound required for user interface, or simply user pleasure at operating many kinds of devices. Today, the largest growth in the loudspeaker industry has been in the area of cell phones and a variety of hand held devices for listening to music, viewing video and a whole variety of utility applications. That is why BeStar has developed a very large assortment of miniature speakers in every conceivable configuration. In the midsize range Vehicle Telematics, Hands-Free Systems and Park Assist Systems have required dedicated speakers, so that the system can operate independently from the vehicles installed audio system. Larger loudspeaker market growth has been driven mostly by tremendous developments in superior home entertainment systems.

Since the audible spectrum can range from 12Hz to 20 KHz, it is difficult for only one speaker size to capture the entire range. To produce very low frequencies a very large speaker is required, while a miniature speaker can produce higher frequencies with fidelity. This is why high end audio systems often use a multitude of speakers of different sizes in order to capture most accurately the sound being produced, without generating “noise,” or unwanted sound. BeStar offers a large range of speaker types, from large Sub-Woofers, to very small miniature speakers and lately has introduced a range of surface mount speakers. Surface mount speakers are useful when the electronic assembly process must be entirely automated.

To obtain the best acoustic results, it is generally recommended to get as much loudspeaker as your system budget will allow, whether it is in consideration of available space, power, or money. Please browse our on line selection and for additional models see our BeStar Standard Speaker, Automotive and Micro-Speaker Catalogs under the Resources Tab. Please contact your BeStar representative directly if you require specific application assistance and recommendations of use for a loudspeaker, surface mount speaker or a miniature speaker.