ARFI- Artificial Finger

The ArFi introduces a complete and unique measurement system to be able to quantify haptics. Our ArFi is a modular system that provides options to measure vibro-tactile feedback as well as acoustic feedback, separately and in parallel. It’s strong advantage is clearly reflected during the design phase of haptics, as it allows developers to quantify their haptic design and tune it to the given application.

With this device, you will be able to save development costs, create quantifiable haptics, and recreate your haptic design in different applications. The device is controlled through a simplistic user interface that can be accessed through an integrated touchscreen or the browser of your PC. The user accompanied by our ‘ArFi Haptic Analyzer’ that showcases the measured data, as well as calculates the intensity value that reflects the human perception of the intensity. With ArFi, you will acquire a fully functional design tool that simplifies the design process and lets you optimize your haptics to your preference.