Using precision piezo technology, CNC and Micro-machining, BeStar’s line of Ultrasonic Sensors is continually expanding. The piezo element is at the heart of ultrasonic sensors and BeStar possesses unique in-house expertise in this enabling technology. Open structure sensors, waterproof sensors and dual angle sensors are available in a range of configurations and sizes. Customized value added assemblies for convenient application specific usage are available upon consultation. BeStar can also supply sub-components to manufacturers who already have their own basic designs.

For an understanding of the working principal of piezo electrics in acoustics, please see the BeStar Piezo Element Catalog under the Resources Tab. The field of piezo electric technology has seen rapid application expansion recently. Utilization of ultrasonic piezo technology for impulsers and actuators has taken this technology beyond the field of ultrasonic sensors.

Nevertheless, ultrasonic sensors themselves have found a rapid market growth due to the nearly universal implementation of near obstacle detection systems on new vehicles in Asia. Whether you require sensor components, complete ultrasonic sensors, or ultrasonic sensors equipped with a driver module contact BeStar for your next project.