AVAS, Diameter 77mm Square BES-YT1006A-07

BeStar’s line of rugged Back up Alarms is the choice of many top companies in the Trucking, Materials Handling, Bus, Construction Equipment and Specialty Vehicle Industries. BeStar’s in house expertise in piezo buzzer technology has resulted in extremely robust and reliable commercial sounders with single digit ppm rates in spite of the demanding environment in which these units operate. Our fully sealed units are rated IP67, which means up to full immersion and suitable for pressure wash.

 Environmental pollution and Deficiency of petroleum resources are the big problems for the sustainable development of world auto industry currently. Environmental protection and energy saving is the important development direction of auto technique in the 21st century.  At the same time, the emission regulation is gradually rigorous in all countries. The electric car is becoming a promising product since its low pollution, low noise and low fuel consumption. Since the sound is low when running, it should have a warning voice for pedestrian safety when the speed of electric auto is lower than 30 mph. As a habit, this voice should refer to the sound of the engine, volume or tone should change with the speed. Our new type relates to the phonation device field. According to the usage environment of electric auto, this product can be as one node of auto bus. Through the bus, it  collects the speed signal of vehicle or generator, automatically sends a warning sound when the speed is lower than 30 mph.

Keywords: Backup Alarms for Trucks, Backup Alarms Construction, Backup Alarms for Heavy Equipment, Backup Alarms Forklifts, Backup Alarms for Cars. 

Dia 77mm
Operating Voltage 9-16VDC
SPL (at driver gear 10-20 mph) 50-90 dB reference value

Weight 0.00 lbs
Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 in

Operating Voltage

Current Consumption

IP Rating


SPL at driver gear

50-90dB(reference value) at 10km
50-90dB(reference value) at 20km
50-90dB(reference value) in reverse

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