Directional Loudspeaker- BDS-03

**New Multi-Directional Speakers

Directional Sound Technology of Directional Speaker-By modulating the audio signal to the ultrasonic carrier, the directional transmission of audible sound is formed by using the characteristics of directional transmission of ultrasonic and the nonlinear effect of air. In short, it is “making the sound propagate in a predetermined direction”. By utilizing the directional characteristics of ultrasonic waves, and by means of unique acoustic techniques and algorithms, the audible sound can also transmit along the designated direction. Higher frequency of a sound wave means better directivity in transmission. High frequency signal (ultrasonic) with frequency greater than 20KHz has good directivity in transmission process.

Uses for the directional speaker; Retail advertising, trade show, hospitals, museums, or any other place where you would want the listener to be singled-out.


Operating Voltage- 24 VDC

Operating Current- <1 A

SPL- 75dB@1kHz, 3m

Power rating- 20W

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