Piezo Haptic Element, 26×26 mm BPH2626T78MW200 HF

 Piezoelectric ceramics have direct and converse piezoelectric effects. The pressure sense belongs to the direct piezoelectric effect. When an external force is applied to the PZT, the PZT deforms and the internal polarization state changes, thereby generating electric charge and being detected. Vibration sense belongs to the converse piezoelectric effect, that is, when driving voltage is applied to the PZT, and the PZT produces mechanical deformation, thereby causing vibration.

Application: Smart phones, tablets, laptops, steering wheels, touch panels, console panels, control panels, controllers, and screens, any wearable device, tactile gloves, virtual keyboard, mouse, or stylus.


Resonant Frequency: 38±0.5KHz
Capacitance: 2.5±20%uF
Acceleration bipolar: 3.5-5.5g (peak) 200Hz, -10..10V

Operating Voltage: -10…+80V

Weight 0.00 lbs
Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 in
Resonant Frequency

Operating Temperature

Capacitance at 1KHz

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BPH2626T78MW200 HF
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